As a fine art photographer, I capture the ethereal essence of nature through my lens. Born and raised in the Netherlands within a family deeply rooted in the flower bulb cultivation, which developed my deep appreciation for nature's beauty from an early age.

In my formative years, I found myself behind the camera, photographing exquisite imagery for my family’s catalogues. However, I embarked on a different path, pursuing a career as a buyer for the renowned departmentstore 'De Bijenkorf'. Yet, my heart yearned for more artistic expression.

Following my passion, I delved into a study of garden- and landscape design, which I have practiced with great pleasure for many years.

Finally, fuelled by my unwavering love for photography, I returned to my craft, capturing the true splendor of nature and sharing their awe-inspiring beauty with the world.

"My primary aim is to bridge the gap between you and nature"

Traveling to breathtaking places worldwide with a camera might not be accessible to everyone, but there's a simple way for you to bring the Beauty of Nature into your home. By acquiring a print, you can immerse yourself in nature's wonders daily, enjoying a slice of the natural world in the comfort of your own home."