WORK WITH NATURE/ADOPT RAINFOREST is committed to the preservation and restoration of at least 2000ha of rainforest in Costa Rica through purchase and protection.


As a photographer, I am passionate about capturing the beauty of our world and sharing it with others through my prints. However, I also recognize the importance of conserving Earth's precious natural environments for future generations. That's why, for each print being sold,10% of the proceeds will be donated to nature conservation initiatives.

This means, that by purchasing my work, YOU are making a difference!

For each print from the' Desert Miracles', 'Floral Dreams' or 'Forest Treasures' collections, your donation will go to AdoptRainforest , an organization focused on protecting and conserving rainforests and their habitats in Costa Rica.


WORK WITH NATURE/ ADOPT RAINFOREST is a Dutch non-profit, non-governmental, environmental organization (NGO) founded in 2011, with a mission to fight deforestation and decline of biodiversity in the tropics and abroad.

Their approach: focuses on protecting one of the most beautiful and special places on earth: the Costa Rican Rain Forest. With its incredibly high biodiversity it’s more than worth protecting. It is an essential part of our world, and of our future.

Their goal: They want to protect at least 2000 hectares of rain forest. Ultimately, they want to make it a safe haven again and have monkeys and jaguars return to the area. This means they do more than protecting the forest and planting new trees.

They also help build a better future for the locals. They educate children about the importance of the forest and conduct research. Because they know, that the better they get to know the rainforest, the better they will be able to protect it



This is how they  reach their goal:

1. By buying land and placing it under Costa Rica's conservation law as soon as possible. Reforestation is done when necessary.

2. By protecting nature, we create employment and a healthier living environment and involve the local environment where we can.

3. We share our knowledge about the importance of nature conservation. In Costa Rica we focus on the local population, in the Netherlands on school children.

4. With the research in our reserve we create knowledge about and insight into the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the area.


Thank you for your support!